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"Medved" replied enclosing a file with the above mentioned address and phone number and also the name of the person I should wire the money to. She then asked for 0 for the airline ticket, again by Western Union. I knew that 0 was not enough for a plain ticket from Russia.

The first red flag was that the email from this "Medved Travel" was one of those free email accounts anyone can set up, which seemed a bit strange to me. I did a web search on "Tatyana Aytova" and found your website.

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Compared to other agencies, this number is quite impressive.

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She enclosed a simple file she said the travel agency (Medved Travel Co) gave her on a floppy with the price list of various hotels and corresponding prices of the tour package. I received many of the form messages that are already posted on this site.

3) Mentioned that she was born and raised in Kiev, but her mom died of cancer from the Chernobyl accident All the above mentioned "pink" flags were over the course of emails during 3 months and each could have a very plausible explanation, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt, though they were enough to save me my money in the end. I was just getting ready to start spending the cash until now.

After 3 months of correspondence we began discussing the idea of meeting. It is very convenient for me, because it is charge-free. In free from activity time I to like to conduct time with the friends. Here is some more recent pictures of Oxana Curdiucova, email [email protected]

She said that it didn't matter if I came to Kiev or she came to Barcelona where I live. I hope this helps others You do have to say that she is very beautiful though. I'm glad that I ran onto your website before I sent any more money to Russia. I posted my profile up on back in early October 2001 and immediately began receiving email from "[email protected](Tatyana)".

I wrote back and said that I thought it would be nice if she came here to Barcelona so she could get a chance to travel and see something new because in one email she said that she had never been out of the Ukraine. She now to live in Habarovsk together with the husband. They asked for my actual email address, which I ignorantly gave. There was a new email each day with a different picture.

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