Mythbusters moon hoax online dating

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The landings converted a few of them, but many are coming back now and getting off of it." America, never mind the fairly accurate estimation of the Earth's circumference by Eratosthenes, are but two of the many known references to belief in a round Earth predating the moon landing.And apparently, Johnson somehow missed Sputnik 1 and the significant number of satellites launched in the 1960s. Johnson further believed that the Apollo missions were filmed by Hollywood studios, and dismissed the then-new Space Shuttle as "a very ludicrous joke." because it would contradict what their holy texts say about the Moon (for example, that it is further away than the Sun, surrounded by fire and ice, and the source of planetary vegetation).

This is because stars are faint things, which is the very reason you can't see them during the day.but persistent, number of people who think that the Apollo Moon landings of the late 60s and early 70s were staged and faked propaganda films produced by NASA in pursuit of embarrassing the USSR in the Cold War, as opposed to the actual moon landings taking place being an infinitely greater triumph of the US over the USSR - but disregard that fact.The exact form of such beliefs varies and can cover anything from "the Apollo astronauts never went to space" to "they eventually landed on the Moon, but the first landing was faked", not to mention wilder claims ("the Apollo program was a front – they went, but on flying saucers").This attitude dates back to the founder of the movement (A. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada) and the time of the landings themselves, though it doesn't seem to be a tenet of the modern ISKCON itself.A number of people are silent on the shape of the Earth but nevertheless believe that no Apollo astronauts ever went into Earth orbit.

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