Minimum height dating

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The majority of men seem to prefer at least intellectually the idea of a shorter female although I have found from reading more forums on dating websites like Plenty Of that there is a great number of men who might have some sort of fetish or “thing” for tall women. From only glancing at these new resources it seems the general opinion for some people is that the height difference should be around 4-5 inches. From Pub Med study ” Variable preferences for sexual dimorphism in height as a strategy for increasing the pool of potential partners in humans” the researchers state in the abstract that..There is even a website on the internet dedicated specifically for men who are on the shorter side for women who are on the taller side. “In addition to absolute height, a possibly important mate-choice criterion may be relative height, i.e.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. If a man was 4 or 5 inches taller than a woman, is that considered tall enough? OP you are not the tallest of them all Tall to me is 6'2" and up You are not short But you are not as tall as you think Being taller than someonemeans that ...are tall....If a woman is 5'1" and you are 5'4" are you tall??

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Some tall men prefer their female partners to be petite and others like someone closer to their height to avoid neck pain when bending down for the kiss.

On a more fun note HERE is a tumblr blog which features pictures of couples where the height difference is reversed from the standard where the girl is taller than the guy.

A guy would comment there that at 6′ 0″ he was rejected by a girl who was 4′ 10″ for being too short. However let’s get back to the original question, “What is the optimal or perfect height difference or height proportions for a standard heterosexual male-female couple?

Most American men do not hold the same genetics we do. I am not referring to needing competition ready , just big and fit. don't follow any "rule book" or you'll miss out on just the right girl for you. They'll only tell you that you shouldn't date a certain person because they're jealous you can be happy and they can't.

My main concern is not 100% height..the same lifestyle.

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