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Amy was committed to academic rigor and to learning from field observations and analysis to inform our investments and policy prescriptions, and she understood that rigor required thoroughness and an understanding of context.

At the time of her passing, Amy had made substantial contributions to the research and design of two ICTs for development programs.

Barisan Nasional (BN) cares about the people here, even though Penampang is not yet won by the BN,” he said to a crowd of Barisan Nasional members and townspeople at Buhavan Square.

Diversifying Participation in the Network Society Edited by Francisco J.

And, on the other hand, the challenges of simultaneously confronting ICT and a public place may prove insurmountable for some socially marginalized sectors.

(From internal memoranda prepared by Amy Mahan, 2008) Amy Mahan’s foremost interest was in ICT as a tool for social inclusion and a means to help women and traditionally marginalized peoples improve their lives and communities.

Likewise, a commercial (or non-profit) enterprise simply seeking to fulfill an access gap should also be posited in context of the community it is serving and in context of shifts in local ICT adoption indicators during its lifespan As is often the case for social exclusion (gender being a key example), lack of data is still a key constraint for measuring positive effects and progress generally.

If the design for the telecenter or cybercafé does not particularly target women and girls, or poor people, the handicapped, elderly, people who don’t speak the official language, or others with special circumstances or needs, it is not likely to collect indicators on the access or use by these subgroups of the premises and ICT services.

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