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Of all the characters, hers is the most complex and the most oddly sympathetic.

It might move in any direction, like it does in this movie. 's" claim that we cannot see something we do not understand.

While there are some coincidences and plot points that stretch credulity to nearly the breaking point, it manages to hold itself together enough to be an enjoyable film.

Josh Hartnett, one of today's most over rated actors who seems to have carved out a career based on looks alone, stars as Matthew, a young man on the verge of marriage and a promotion at the ad agency where he works for his fiancée's brother.

That is because the movie entirely consists of plot twists and turns that cannot even be described without being revealed.

Let me say, as vaguely as possible, that it involves a romance between Matthew (Josh Hartnett) and Lisa (Diane Kruger) that is the Real Thing, but comes to a sudden end because of a tragic lack of communication and a mutual misunderstanding. He is supposed to fly to China to seal a deal for her father's firm, but in a restaurant, he thinks he sees Lisa.

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