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despite it being several years old.) resurrectionjose​(((Sar GONE))) James Edward​You are 42 Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying? ​the sound is surprisingly good, good job, Luke James Edward​Resur we need all. I don’t have kids yet. gjjd​@Casey, don’t forget all the questions you had come up with! Thomas Bergman​This is a wonderful Sunday Casey R. ​stay dark brah Western Man​Stay mysterious, lol mummylambs​(((James Edward))) Casey R. You need the other to get a true sense of your self. This generation gets it resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — I hate to sound like a broken record but here goes…. resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Ask Mr.Luke Ford​Guys type your questions in James Edward​This works good on speaker phone resurrectionjose​@James Edward — And then’s there two other secret weapons: 1) I’m practically a vampire and avoid the sun like the plague! Pratt​[message retracted] Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying? ​@Western sup brah resurrectionjose​@Thomas Bergman — I disagreed with one or several aspects of his video (I stated one of them within the comment’s section) but overall it looks pretty good. Pratt​[message retracted] Western Man​@pepe, not much. Pratt​[message retracted] mummylambs​jk James Edward​(((Mysterious))) resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — This is a tangent and side issue, but normally it’s important to me. Jones if he’s familiar with a monograph entitled, “Raymond Brown, ‘The Jews,’ and the Gospel of John: From Apologia to Apology” by Sonya Shetty Cronin.This was the cause of the corruption of the Jesuit order and Vatican II Casey R. I would ask him about that experience James Edward​Casey is a cool guy. He has his shit together Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying? Protestants are judaizers as Jones asserts which means they lolas185​E Michael Jones is a legend and I love him fx2py​will go back to allying with Jews against Catholics James Edward​Hahah 579 that sounds like a sexy women. I’m *trying* to bring up that link you cited earlier, and I’m having a little trouble doing so.

I’d rather live surrounded by white Protestants than black Catholics.

He is the author of many books including The Jews and Moral Subversion, The Catholic Church and the Jews, and The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History. (For his part, Gruner told Cuneo that Jones was “secretly a Jew.”) In 1996, Jones changed the name of his magazine to Culture Wars, and he has increasingly focused on the alleged evils of the Jews as he adds to his “continuing series on the Jews.” The magazine’s cover stories over the last year or so are instructive: “Judaizing: Then and Now,” “John Huss and the Jews,” “The Converso Problem: Then and Now,” “The Judaism of Hitler,” “Shylock Comes to Notre Dame” and so on.

Jones developed a reputation for his frequent clashes with other radical traditionalists, notably Father Nicholas Gruner.

James Edward​Western hahah. Daniel Sturridge​In the coming Mel Gibson movie, Jesus will be in hell from death to resurrection. fx2py​live with White Protestants who act like Jews instead of with Black Catholics who don’t act like Jews resurrectionjose​@Daniel Sturridge — It depends but I would argue it isn’t. No, race is the biggest divider Daniel Sturridge​Are other non-Catholic Christian denominations Judeaizing? Yes James Edward​Gjjd is right. Edwin Boyette​@Daniel Sturridge Episcopalians seem to be preaching a Gospel of Social Justice, and not of Christ James Edward​(((Friendship))) Trivium​If people wont peace they should look into natural law.

Look up 1 Peter -20 and the body of scholarly literature on it. He had not chance James Edward​No chance Western Man​@fx2py would you rather have a white Protestant or a black Catholic babysit your little sister? resurrectionjose​@Daniel Sturridge — The simple answer is ‘NO! ​I agree that Protestants have a tendency to Judaize, but to say race has no bearing is ridiculous James Edward​Pepe is right. 😂 Edwin Boyette​Most of the weird theology seems to be coming from these Megachurches and Televangelists, I’d argue a Megachurch is not a Scriptural Church at all Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying? ​ask blacks who white people are gjjd​don’t freak out, errrrybody. Of course he says this Untethered Tube​I guess if you have the balls to go anti-Se,mitic you can cuck everywhere else fx2py​lol resurrectionjose​@James Edward — Why?

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