Itunes updating library crash

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The net result is that i Tunes does a lot of things, but does them poorly.

The interface has become needlessly complex, and attempts to refine and improve it have largely failed as a result. As a result, even the name "i Tunes" has lost its meaning - "tunes" are only a small part of the app's overall function.

And suddenly the i Tunes Store grew more in complexity - now it was selling apps through an App Store.

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"Complexity" is a word that describes the i Tunes experience to a tee. i Tunes Match on the Mac is far from perfect, too - it has, for no good reason, keeping me from downloading dozens of tracks that I've uploaded.They're grayed out, and Apple hasn't been able to fix it for me (and logging out and logging back in hasn't helped).And when i OS 7 debuts this fall you'll be able to listen to i Tunes Radio, streaming content that is ad-free if you're an i Tunes Match subscriber.One can't fault Apple for continually trying to add more features to i Tunes.

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