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And then send it to the policeman's grieving widow. Revenge, that would be uppermost on my mind: "I'm going to wee on everything. I'm going to strain my personal potatoes throughout her premises."June: No, no, perhaps I'm not making myself clear. If that doesn't convince you, well, then, maybe you just don't deserve to get what you want. [goes round and sees that Jen's laptop is infested with malware] What the- what's all that crap!?

Keep the conversation about things that would interest everybody. Jen: With all due respect John, I am the head of IT and I have it on good authority that if you type "Google" into Google, you can break the Internet. Maurice Moss: Well, if someone called me a "big, ugly builder", I'd be furious - and not just because I'm actually an IT consultant. If you'd like to know more, there are thousands of Spaceology centres all over the UK.

Jen is horrified to learn that it is a question on classical music and has no idea, and guesses wrongly, costing Daniel £31,000.

Daniel, impressed by her knowledge, asks her to be home between 8pm and 9pm that night, promising that it will be, "very exciting".

After being patient through the pre-broadband-speed internet, Moss and Roy get a response to their ad from a woman named Rebecca, who Roy arranges a date with, to even further improve his point.

A lot of people would be confused as to why I invited them up here then asked them to leave, not you. Chicken in a basket, it has been all ruddy go today! Moss: Oh no, I spoke to the Elders of the Internet not one hour ago. This is what he told me when I met him on holiday two weeks ago. That means every star you can see in the night sky is a wish that has come true.

Hello, I'm Douglas Reynholm, and I'm not a scientist, but I do have a better understanding of what space is than any scientist living today. In other words, when it comes to space, he's the man with his head screwed on tight.

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