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It is also different from other titles in the Battle Network universe in that its game play reminds strongly of the Classic series.

was, with its sixth title, the second series in the franchise to reach a definitive conclusion, although the storyline continues in the distant future with .

Although the classic series has yet to reach an ending, the storyline shifts to the , followed by the , and .

Although it is confirmed that the Legends series takes place sometime in the distant future after the ZX series, there is an uncertain amount of time as to when it actually takes place.

Set in the future, this series follows the story of Mega Man's successor, , a new, advanced robot that has complete free will over his actions, thoughts and feelings.

This character, often referred to as simply "X", is also a creation of Dr.

brings the gameplay into 3D and is an action adventure with role-playing game elements.All series follow one continuous timeline except for and , which exist in an alternate universe (one in which network technology flourished instead of robotics technology), with Star Force occurring two centuries after the Battle Network series.The official source book Rockman Perfect Memories outlines the Classic, X, and Legends series and makes mention of the Battle Network and Zero series (which were fairly new at the time of the book's publication).Wily of the Classic series, OVER-1, created jointly by Dr. Cossack, a Reploid with an adolescent personality named Axl who has the ability to shape-shift into other Reploids.Zero would later star in his own spin-off series, Mega Man Zero.

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