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This scene might’ve been more meaningful otherwise.

• “Life’s not so bad,” says the old man who has the luxury to fish all day. • Besides the main characters, nobody seems to really care all that much (and even the main characters don’t care that much).

disinterested: • I suppose to answer one of the complaints above, Asuna tells us why Kirito is so important to her, but y’know…

“show, not tell.” If Asuna was really that miserable before Kirito entered the picture, I sure as hell couldn’t tell.

In fact, he was formerly in charge of the network security for the game. I mean, I guess this is more believable than an orphanage full of children, but still… Y’see, it was the best way to make money, and I didn’t want to level up without already having the best gear possible. I thought we were done with filler episodes, but here we are… Part of the problem is that two years have elapsed story-wise, but we don’t really feel the effects of it as an audience.

• This certainly looks appetizing: • Nishida is amazed that you can get soy sauce in SAO. What does that even mean within the context of an MMO? Oh how everything seems like a good idea when you’re a kid… It’s hard to really see two years of character development in just a handful of episodes.

Nishida, we’re told, is the head of some network security company in the real world. • I remember spending my last summer before college fishing moat carps in Final Fantasy XI. The main problem is that I never really understood how they fell in love to begin with. All of a sudden, however, the two are in love with each other.

how does a balding old man who loves to fish find himself stuck in an MMO? • Kirito and Asuna being all lovey-dovey still doesn’t jive with me. the type that shared any personal secret other than Kirito’s tale about his former guild.

You can’t just say, “Oh well, this world is beautiful too, y’know,” because no one had a choice about it.

— but they could’ve simply been an item for a while and not necessarily a married couple right off the bat.

This way, perhaps the relationship would have had a chance to develop a little more. • I initially thought the old man would have a larger role.

The struggle here shouldn’t be over whether or not Aincrad is a world worth living in.

It’s to liberate people from their inability to make a choice.

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