How to edit two photos together online dating

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I always thought knew that copying and pasting photos found on the internet was a definite no-no given that you have to assume any image you find online is protected by copyright, whether here in the US or from another country extending such rights, unless otherwise indicated. When I speak on this topic, one of the questions I asked of the audience is how many people have had a photo stolen. I usually go on to ask how many people have used taken images straight from Google Images.

That one always shocks me, because, again, I would think people would know that Google is a good resource and not a repository.

And, as the US Government has signed on to a variety of international copyright agreements protection is essentially worldwide.

This makes photo copyright laws very broadly applicable to online content creators.

US Copyright is a protection that applies to original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium.

“Original” means that an author produced a work by his or her own intellectual effort instead of copying or modifying it from an existing work.

There is a big misconception that people want you to share their photos with your friends, family, readers, etc. And while the majority of photographers really won’t mind, there are many who do and many who will not hesitate to take down your site for using their images.Today I want to discuss using photos found online and photo copyright laws.I will not talk about using images from a brand’s website.The focus is on those images and photos found by searching the internet and coming up with page after page of images suitable for your needs. Copyright is protection created by the US Constitution that gives virtually every author the exclusive right to use or reproduce their work.This is a United States federal law and, therefore, uniform across all states.

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