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Insurance coverage ondelay of luggage for more than 8 hours when the cardholder purchases an airfare/ air ticket with Krungsri Visa/Master Card Credit Card.This insurance covers in case of baggage delay during the trip or misdirected or temporarily lost after the Insured’s arrival at the baggage pick-up point of scheduled destination overseas and Thailand.The Home Pro Group has specialised in the home improvement industry for over thirty years and has become one of the UK's leading providers of deposit protection and insurance backed guarantee products in the home improvement sector.If you are in the glazing industry and need more information on recent legislation changes or are working in trades such as Solar, Roofing, Kitchen fitters etc we have lots of information for you too. Home Pro has a wealth of expertise in the home improvement industry.Enquiries or claims may be made at New Hampshire Insurance Company tel. * Maximum sum of 5 million Baht is for the Card begins with 455296, 540430, 494351, 434940, 543673, 499959, 541690, 455293, 540474, 455287,455296 Insurance coverage on flight delay for more than 6 hours when the cardholder purchases an airfare/ air ticket with Krungsri Visa/Master Card Credit Card.This insurance covers in case of the departure of conveyance according to the travel planned schedule of the Insured is delayed for at least 6 consecutive hours from the specified time due to unsuitable climate, imperfect equipment or strike or other operation by employee of public conveyance causing travel is not possible, the Company will compensate according to the sum insured as stipulated in the Schedules for delay of such public conveyance at every full 6 consecutive hours up to 5,000 baht.The Company shall compensate the Insured for the emergency purchase of essential clothing or toiletries up to 5,000 baht or 1,000 baht on every 8 hours.

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Policies are activated when the customer submits our return slip confirming that the works have been completed to a satisfactory level.

• Delayed flight: Insurance cover 10% of face amount on every 6 hours delays • Delays baggage: Insurance cover 20% of face amount on delayed over 8 hours, 30% of face amount on delayed over 16 hours and 50% of face amount on delayed over 24 hours • The Cardholder must submit a confirmation letter of such flight delay issued by the airline or writing from the hotel management or the common carrier management together with the receipts of eligible expenses to the company as for record.

• Please carefully read the insurance agreement on compensation and other conditions stated in the Insurance Policy. 0 2649 1999 from Monday – Friday, 08.30 – 17.00 hrs.

Your purchase will be protected from unauthorized use of your card in case of loss or theft.

The company will be responsible for all cost incurred after receiving cardholder’s report of lost/stolen card.

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