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Gwen finally agrees after pressure from everyone, including Rebecca.

meanwhile Teresa, who's feeling insecure about her relationship with Ethan since he and Gwen seem to be growing closer over Jonathon, sees the fortune teller from the carnival during her senior year of high school.

Teresa overhears the nursesaying that she hadn't seen a case like this since that carnival years ago and luckly during that time they came up with an antedot.Sam gathers it as evidence and Teresa confesses, telling them about the "gypsy".Sma checks the security tapes and of course finds no evidence of the room or the gypsy because Tabitha has gotten rid of it with her magic.Jane does end up being a match but before they can go ahead with the surgery, the doctors discover Jane has an ear infection.they gve her medication but say she won't be able to donote part of her liver for at least a week and that Jonathon does not have a week.

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