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Historically, many of these mixed-race Asians have also been called "Amerasians." These include older multiracial Asian Americans who are the children of war brides and U. military personnel stationed in countries such as Japan, the Philippines, and South Korea, along with those who are the result of more recent non-military interracial marriages involving Asian Americans.The Hapa Issues Forum quotes a recent Congressional Record report that indicated "between 19, children born to parents of different races increased from 1% of total births to 3.4%." The 2000 Census further shows that 30.7% of those who identify as at least part Japanese are multiracial, the highest proportion among the six largest Asian American ethnic groups.The following table breaks down the distributions of Asian Americans who identify with more than one race.As we can see, by far the largest group of multiracial Asians are those who are half Asian and half White.In other words, many multiracial Asian Americans still face distrust and even hostility from both their Asian and non-Asian sides.

Because the vast majority of these early Asian immigrants were men (mostly from the Philippines or China), in many instances, if they wanted to be in the company of women, these early Asian immigrants had little choice but to socialize with non-Asian women.

Multiracial Asian Americans would also be the fastest-growing group as well.

In fact, demographers predict that by the year 2020, almost 20% of all Asian Americans will be multiracial and that figure will climb to 36% by the year 2050.

As a result of these cultural dynamics, many (although certainly not all) multiracial Asian Americans encounter difficulties in establishing their own ethnic identity as they try to fit into both the Asian American community and mainstream American society.

As many multiracial Asian American writers have described, as they grow up, they are frequently caught between both sides of their racial/ethnic background.

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