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Japanese Voice: Sumi Shimamoto English Voice (Manga dub): Debra Jean Rogers English Voice (NYAV dub): Eva Kaminsky Ginrei's real name is Falmelle Von Volger and she is the daughter of Dr.Franken Von Volger, one of the five scientists who worked on the creation of the Shizuma Drive.Following the emergence of the Eye of Volger, Ginrei found herself confused and conflicted as she came to believe that her father was still alive and working with Big Fire.

For a long time afterwards, Falmelle believed that only she and Professor Go had survived.During the OVA, Ginrei found herself at the forefront of events, from rescuing Dr.Shizuma in Nanjing to protecting the third Shizuma Drive sample from the clutches of Big Fire.I am shocked - nay, stunned that it took me this long to get around to watching this series.Everyone should immediately drop whatever they are doing at this moment and watch Giant Robo. The more observant of the crowd might notice that GR looks a LOT like a series called Johnny Socko and his Flying Robot.

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