Geleri foto bogal ara fazira kena kongkek

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so dunt buy lah....nobody asking you to in fiat, work 9-5, jilat your boss !!! fiat inside bank account wont grow, boss look at you curi tulang sure gonna fire u !! I am not saying that my current situation is the worst but it is definitely the lowest point of my life so far. I have decided to let something out of my chest as it really really hurts to keep everything to myself.

So to place him in a delusionary frame is undercutting the talent of a writer, who is, by every measure, just as much an integral part of the vision that sets the tone for the creation of a song as the person delivering it, if not more. Kena is among the most progressive Assyrians, without whose talent (lyrics music), we would’ve not been afforded the warmth of the songs that have tied us to the love of country, such as Linda George’s “Barwar,” an homage to political progression likened to the image of one of the most notable revolutionists of the 20th Century, Argentinian Che Guevara in Sonia Odisho’s “Arayate D’Kheroota,” and who could forget Ashur Bet Sargis’ “Brata D’Bet Nahrain,” a love song exuding powerhouse Syriac language vocabulary, conceptualized by a man’s singular adoration for his Assyrian goddess.

So even though I wear ties to work and have a manager title, my life is really really farked.

No treating of parents to nice meals (I still try but it is not easy)No latest phones as in i only recontract to sell Iphones, i am using a HTC M8.

I mean there is no reason to as it is not in my interest to act kelian or anything but I think I will feel better to share my current situation anonymously. I am born in 1983, grad from SIM UOL degree with a crappy pass only, definitely not scholar. So I started working in 2009 and changed job to my current employer in 2011.

Just a very junior manager and earn about 3.5k at that time.

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