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I don’t care about sports at all, so I’m not on all the teams or anything. Twenty years ago, I went on a weekend trip to the mountains of Virginia with a small group of dear girlfriends. Oh, and in case you are in need of a serving suggestion, they go really, really well with this week’s Ice Cream Tuesday, the Buttermilk Mascarpone Stracciatella with Balsamic Strawberry Conserve.

One evening, someone broke out the Pictionary game. Lizzie, who thank God is still one of my best friends despite the trauma, was on my team.

Some of the product links on this site are affiliate links, either through Amazon or Share-A-Sale. I have a hard time relying on others, especially if a grade is tied to it. If you don’t like that texture in your brownies, by all means make these anyway and then give them to me.

Making a purchase through an affiliate link does not change your cost, but I will earn a small percentage of any sales made through those links. (Am I the only person here who hated group projects in school? Serving suggestion: Cut a brownie into four cute triangles using a serrated blade.

Thank you very much for supporting Pastry Chef Online Click here to read my I’m going to tell you something about myself. ) Heck, I don’t even need a grade tied to it, now that I think about it. That very competitive side just comes out and wants to win. Plop a scoop of ice cream in the center of your plate.

I am one of the most competitive people in the world. It’s not like we get graded for playing Scattergories or Pictionary. When I have to play a game that also requires that I be on a team, things can go…poorly. Corral it with the brownie pieces and sliced strawberries. This would make a great dinner party dessert, especially if all you served is a cucumber. Wish me luck, and enjoy the bittersweet balsamic strawberry swirl brownies.

Beside, I’ll be too busy eating these brownies to be too broken up about it!

This brownie lives or dies by what Chef Eddy Van Damme (the very talented corporate chef at Dixie Crystals–I’m a huge fan of his) says.

So in my case, for convenience, just being able to connect to the internet using wifi would be much simpler.

I'll add some more ideas later We already have the perfect partners in EK for cooling solutions and In Win for cases. Or maybe an ROG monitor bag similar to the one Roccat had? Another big gaming brand already have joystick line up, so i hope Asus will make ROG Joystick. There really is hardly anything available in this market ...

Parvum offers some nice stuff but I can see it as a challenge to work with a smaller company like them and pricing would be through the roof if we offered any top end build with a lot of customized parts. unless you want to pay ~ for a piece of flimsy garbage or you want to pay 0~0 for a piece of durable machinery.

I know some people who do this, but it costs alot of money and everyone who ever sleeved a whole build by hand understands the prices people ask for these hand made sets, also it takes a while til you receive your cables. For sport gamers (Fifa, PES, NBA) and racing gamers, joystick become an important main weapon.

This option should would be great imho, even if you pay extra, people who want their Dream Machine will pay for this premium part. More ideas- How about a collapsible stand for the 24" 240hz monitor so it would be easy to bring to lan events? As end users and fans of ROG, i want all my gaming gear have ROG label.

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