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Bot Framework: Microsoft’s cloud service provides the channels your bot uses to communicate.

There are currently 11 channels, including Skype, Facebook Messenger, web page widgets, Direct Line (a REST API direct to your bot), Slack, Microsoft Teams, and SMS via Twilio.

It turns out that a News Search works better than a Web Search, since it has a useful Description field.

I also spent time working out how the JSON response was structured; either I missed it, or Microsoft could do with some more basic samples.

Getting the Bing Search API working took more time than expected.I found and installed a Visual Studio Bot Application template, started a new project, restored Nuget packages (which download libraries from Microsoft’s repository), and got an error: “The name Global Configuration does not exist.” A quick search told me to add the Web Host package.That is how development is today; you mix up various pre-built pieces and hope they get along.The tools lead you towards Microsoft Azure, but anywhere that can host an ASP. Your LUIS app also has to be hosted, only on Azure.Reg Bot uses a free Cognitive Services account and the lowest paid-for web app hosting service.

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