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However, unlike “standard” personals, some thumbnails are racy enough anyway. Put a profile on your “hotlist” and the system sends an email to let the other person know he or she has scored a hit on your sexiness meter.All the same, it’s always worth trying to enlarge each profile.An open and shut case can be made that the media in 2010 is NOT “Corporate-owned,” as so many fearful political analysts put it, but rather, “Jew-owned.” This author does not fear the Jews and needs no pleasing euphemisms agreeable to Jewish ears.So long as the Jews control America’s media they will control our politicians and the policies they make.Partner to the deal, General Electric, managed to keep a subservient 49% holding.In Comcast’s press release of the takeover, the cable giant announced that Jeff Zucker, a Jew, was appointed the CEO of NBC Universal, of which, Comcast is now in charge. The owner of Comcast is the Jew, Brian Roberts, whose supporting staff includes a host of Jewish media functionaries.As the name Adultfriendrfinder claims, you’re finding friends, not just partners, for intimate encounters.

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There are loads of spicy stories on the boards and in subscriber-submitted articles in the online magazine area.According to the Protocols, the way in which the news is covered — which items are emphasized and which are played down — serve the interests of the media-masters, the Jews, and not the interests of the “Goyim.” Today, the Protocols are being practiced by an elite group of Jews who own America’s mass media.If you hear of major corporations listed as owners of the major television networks with Gentile sounding names such as “General Electric” or “Westinghouse,” it is part of Jewry’s ploy to place a blindfold over the eyes of the Goyim.For in a “democracy,” government control is offered to the highest bidder, that is, Jews with their billions of dollars.And the issues that the American cattle vote on are those that the Jewish propagandists define so as to serve on December 3, 2009, the cable company took 51% controlling ownership of the television media giant.

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