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A hot professor hints at Ral’s destiny just before he leaves to go home and begin searching for his biological parents.

Between encounters with a new group, the weird actions of his adopted family and a blizzard, Ral has his hands full as he tries to find out more about himself and why he has inherited the changes that have turned his life up-side-down.

Many men have fought their way through to the tower and tried to reach the Maiden, and all have failed.

Until one day a mysterious Stranger comes…Debbie’s husband invites a colleague home for a drink.

Gerald is a self-proclaimed mad scientist who enslaves and sells women for a living.

Wir haben für Sie eine Liste zusammengestellt, die Ihnen zeigt, welche Mittel in welchem Fall anzuwenden sind.

And a few other tweaks that Sarah would prefer in her girlfriend. Stan the delivery guy has a new charm and it’s not in his personality, it’s a new piece of jewellery he found while delivering a package to an antique shop.

And Stan knows just how he will use this new lucky charm.

Nägel, Rasierklingen, Gift – die Methoden, mit denen Hundehasser unseren Vierbeinern ans Leben wollen, werden immer grausamer.

Und es häufen sich die Meldungen in ganz Deutschland, dass wieder tödlich präparierte Köder gefunden oder sogar gefressen wurden.

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