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If you’re suffering from workplace bullying, make the right choice and don’t be a coward like the bully you despise.You can reclaim your work happiness, but the journey may not be easy.If you misstep with sloppy or nonexistent documentation, there is zero chance of getting the support you need from HR to fix your bully boss’s behavior.If you want your concerns to be taken seriously, then you need to show that you’re serious by putting in the time and the work to document the facts like a champ.This isn’t a damn game–this is serious as a heart attack.And just like a heart attack, workplace bullying can ruin lives–and the good news is that you’re in a position to put a stop to it.

Once you get your documentation together, you’re going to have to reach out to your Human Resources (HR) representative (as I’m typing this, I can already hear the collective groan from the readers–stick with me on this) and share your detailed documentation with them.I, and many others, are calling on you as an HR professional to be brave, do the right thing, and take a stand against unacceptable bullying in your organization. There are In some cases, that’s the only choice that makes sense.If you’re working in a company that rewards bullying behavior, you’d be better served jumping ship and watching your now-former company’s inevitable demise from the safety of your new job.Everything that you’ve read to this point was written by a former bullying victim.As a child growing up, I didn’t have the choice to quit.

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