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How much of a problem it is, depends on the degree and type of access and what it means in the context of the marriage.

There is a big difference between a person occasionally viewing pornography with the knowledge and even involvement of their partner to a full-blown betrayal and using adult websites to start affairs with other people.

Este programa es un servicio del Departamento de Servicios de Regulación y Protección de Texas.

Documentos de la adopcion y de familias temporales The training provides an opportunity for the family and the family’s agency to assess whether foster care or adoption is best for the family.

It wouldn’t have been as bad if he was just accessing porn, as I know men do this, but the fact that he was talking to other people has really disgusted me.

I feel a bit betrayed and worry about whether I can trust him.

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Please listen carefully to your choices when you...

Relationship counselling agencies report that a growing number of couples are now seeking help due to infidelity online or to one partner accessing adult websites.

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You might benefit from going to counselling especially if you feel traumatised and need to the help of an impartial listener to process some of the feelings.

To move forward, it is important that you continue to talk to your husband and try to understand the extent of his difficulties and what the underlying issues are for him.

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    Yet participants’ performance was not improved even when they were given specific instructions to do so.

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