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Key words: Butterfly, C2H Compiler, DFT, DMA, FFT Reference [1] Jayasumana, G. The cubes were crushed at 7, 28, and 48 days of curing. [4] BS1377; Part 2 (1990) Methods for Test of Soils for Civil Engineering Purposes, British Standard Institution. Ma , "Power system optimal reactive power dispatch using evolutionary programming," IEEE trans.

Reference [1] Vicomsoft, "Knowledge share whitepapers wireless networking Q&A", Vicomsoft connect and protect, Jan 2003. According to the algorithm characteristics of DFT, FFT was brought in and decreased the time complexity to a very large extent. ,―Searching for the best Cooley-Tukey FFT algorithms‖ Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE International Conference on ICASSP '87 , vol.12, pp. Four blocks each (150x150x150 mm) were cast at 0%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 40% and 50% replacement levels. Specifications for Fly Ash and Raw or Calcium Natural Pozzolana for use as a Mineral Admixture in Portland Cement Concrete, ASTM C618-78.

The 50% to 20% replacement levels displayed very low compressive strengths which were between the ranges of 1.5N/mm2 and 2.1N/mm2. Abstract: This paper presents an evolutionary based algorithm for solving optimal reactive power dispatch problem in power system.

The results show that the compressive strength varied from 1.5N/mm2 to 6.5N/mm2 for the replacement levels at 48 days of curing. [5] BS1881; Part 3 (1992) Method for Determination of Density of partially compacted Semi-dry fresh Concrete, British Standard Institution.

Lee, Optimum design of plate heat exchanger with staggered pin arrays, Numerical Heat Transfer. Key words: Job satisfaction, organization commitment, turnover intentions Reference [1] Arnold, D. The analysis shows that because of the retailer and suppliers' fairness preference, their optimal order quantities tend to became conservative, and the result shows that the greater the retailer's fairness preference, the smaller the optimal order quantity of the retailer and the supply chain system, and the change tendency of the supply chan is more obvious than that of retailer. Callon, "Multiprotocol Label Switching Architecture,'' RFC 3031, Jan. The MPPT also used in this system to get the maximum peak power to the load. Yu, "Single-Stage converters for photovoltaic powered lighting systems with MPPT and charging features," in Proc.

This study focuses on the role of person-job fit and person-organization fit on the job satisfaction, organization commitment and turnover intentions of the Medical Representatives of pharmaceutical firms working in Pune district. (1998), "New strategies in emerging markets," Sloan Management Review, 40 (1), 7-20. On the basis, we expeands the newboy model to behavior research. Abstract: The objective of this paper is to control the Wind/PV hybrid system using Multi-input inverter to get constant output power for different operating conditions.

Key words: pozzolans, breadfruit stem ash, compressive strength, curing, sandcrete, partial replacement. The problem was designed as a Multi-Objective case with loss minimization and voltage stability as objectives. Viennot, " Optimized Link State Routing Protocol for Ad-Hoc Networks", Proceedings of 5th IEEE Multi Topic conference (INMIC 2001), 2001. Key words: MANETS, AOMDV, POR, Data delivery, routing protocol. How to make DFT more fast and efficient has become an important theory. The breadfruit stem ash was burnt using a local burner and analysis was carried out on the chemical and physical properties of the ash. The International Journal of Cement Composites and Light Weight Concrete 6(4), pp 241-248. (2007) Unsafe Waste Disposal Practices in Nigeria Cities: Geoenvironmental Perspectives. [3] American Standard for Testing Materials (1978). Performance comparison of AOMDV and POR with ns-2 (version 2.34) simulations shows that throughput as POR packet delivery is better than that of AOMDV. [3] Darlan Vivian, Eduardo Adilio Pelinson Alchieri, Carlos Becker Westphall: "Evaluation of Qo S Metrics in Adhoc Networks with the use of Secure Routing Protocols", Network and Management Laboratory, Department of Computer Sciences, Federal University of Santa Catarina. Abstract: Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) is an important transform in signal analysis and process, but its time complexity can't be accepted under many situations. This study investigated the use of breadfruit stem ash (BFSA) as a partial replacement of cement in sandcrete block making. Keyes, "Heat Transfer in Forced Convection Through Fins," IEEE Transactions on Electronic Devices, Vol. After globalization number of small and big firms have entered in the pharmaceutical drug manufacturing and marketing industry with identical drug contents increasing huge competition in the market and at the same time providing ample job opportunities and career growth for marketing personnel. [4] Brown SP, Peterson RA (1993), "Antecedents and consequences of salesperson job satisfaction: meta-analysis and assessment of causal effects," Journal of Marketing Research, 30(1), 63-77. Abstract: The paper establishes a fairness preference framework based on game theory of Nash bargaining, and builds a utility system about fairness preference. Abstract: Job satisfaction always has been significant variable with the performance of the employee and his organizational commitment and turnover intentions. [3] Avinash G Mulky(2011), "An exploration of salesperson job satisfaction in India using P-E fit constructs", Working paper No.343, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Jansen(2002), "A policy capturing study of the simultaneous effects of fit with jobs, groups, and organizations", Journal of Applied Psychology, 87(5), 985-93.

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