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He was not allowed to move beyond a hundred yards from his home, a trailer home.He wore a monitor on his ankle leg that prohibited his movement.Roman heads for the airstrip as planned, but is warned by Brian that changed had planned.Roman talks, distracting Roberto, one of Verone's men, long enough to use the nitrous trap in the passengers seat to eject Robert from the car.

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Roman was overpowered by Brian in their fight, but refused to listen Brian when he tried to convince him to come with him to Miami to earn his freedom.He acclimated to his new environment and developed a friendly rapport with Suki and Tej Parker. Brian dodged Roman's questions regarding Dominic Toretto, the criminal he let go free during his tenure as a police officer, and Roman held his actions against him.Monica warned Brian and Roman that Verone planned to kill them once his money was delivered to drop off point, then assumed to be the airstrip.Should you have any questions regarding the revamp, consult the talk page for more info...Roman Pearce is the childhood friend of Brian O'Conner.

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