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Since these tests are usually developed by individual instructors, the format and difficulty of these tests may not be widely adopted or used by other instructors or institutions.A non-standardized test may be used to determine the proficiency level of students, to motivate students to study, and to provide feedback to students.A test may be developed and administered by an instructor, a clinician, a governing body, or a test provider.In some instances, the developer of the test may not be directly responsible for its administration.An exam is meant to test a child's knowledge or willingness to give time to manipulate that subject.

Leading the way in this regard was the burgeoning Civil Service that began to move toward a meritocratic basis for selection in the mid 19th century in England.Often, the format and difficulty of the test is dependent upon the educational philosophy of the instructor, subject matter, class size, policy of the educational institution, and requirements of accreditation or governing bodies.In general, tests developed and administered by individual instructors are non-standardized whereas tests developed by testing organizations are standardized.This examination system was later applied to education and it started to influence other parts of the world as it became a prominent standard (e.g.regulations to prevent the markers from knowing the identity of candidates), of delivering standardised tests.

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