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Ahead of the trial, he was involved in a bizarre episode where he wrote to Sky News correspondent Martin Brunt and claimed he was trying to show police where he had buried his share of the cash and jewels stolen during the raid.He led police a grave stone where he had hidden a bag of stolen gold, jewellery and gemstones but he did not tell them about another spot in the same cemetery where two more bags were stashed under the memorial stone to his children's grandfather.Perkins, 67, met up with the raid's mastermind Brian Reader, 76, and the group's driver John 'Kenny' Collins, 75, for a drink in The Castle pub in Islington as they plotted how they would store and sell the huge haul of jewellery they took in the audacious raid in April.This is the moment one the masterminds of the Hatton Garden raid told another member of the gang how he broke into an underground vault in London's diamond district before making off with £14million worth of gems But despite their experience in acquisitive crime, it took the bungling gang two nights to breach the vault, and they were caught after covert recording devices planted in their cars captured them boasting of their endeavours.Some suggested an underground fire in nearby Holborn could have been set to distract emergency services, while graphics appeared showing how the raiders could have abseiled from the roof down to the basement through the lift shaft.The surveillance operation showed the ringleaders continued to meet at The Castle pub and nearby Scotti's Cafe and when Perkins and Jones were caught on tape boasting of pulling off 'the biggest robbery in the f***ing world', officers knew they had their men.Six masked robbers broke into the fortress-like warehouse, doused a guard in petrol and threatened to set him ablaze before stealing three tonnes of gold.Reader, the oldest member of the Hatton Garden gang, was brought in to mastermind the operation to make the gold disappear.

John 'Goldfinger' Palmer (pictured), who smelted the gold from the Brink's Mat robbery in which Brian Reader took part, was mysteriously shot in the chest at his home in Brentwood, Essex in June, weeks after the Hatton Garden heist.

An East End folk hero, he was jailed with Ronnie and Reggie Kray in 1968 over the murder of Jack 'The Hat' Mc Vitie.

The Brink's Mat gold heist took place near Heathrow in November 1983.

He then let his accomplices in through the fire escape where they brought in tools and equipment in wheelie bins along with large metal joists, while Collins acted as lookout from over he road at 25 Hatton Garden.

But he made a mistake and as the burglars breached the first heavy iron door to the corridor outside the vault an SMS was sent to owner Alok Bavishi, indicating the alarm had been triggered and that police were on the way.

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