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It was brought about as both Louis Wu and a ship Flown by Trinocs lay claim to an object that returns a full return on deep radar.

Assuming the return is coming from a stasis box all haste is taken to retreive it. Whoever wins the game gains possesion of the Stasis box.

Mutated racing Viprin (fast-running creatures raced for entertainment and gambling) ruined the existing viprin herding business, which along with other similar inventions led to an economic depression prior to the Tnuctip revolt.

The war escalated until the Thrintun, rather than accept defeat, employed a device that amplified the sphere of influence of a Thrint's mind control to encompass the entire galaxy. Everything in the galaxy that had evolved a backbone perished, including any Thrintun not protected by a stasis field.[3] A still functioning suicide amplifier itself is discovered in the short story "Peter Robinson" by Hal Colebach, but it is destroyed.

History Edit Trinocs evolved in a planet rich in methane and ammonia and colonized several planets of similar atmosphere.

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