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Recommend that they use a mild soap and concentrate on the face, hands, feet, underarms, groin and bottom. But when puberty hits, the glands become more active and the chemical composition of the sweat changes, causing it to smell stronger.

When you or your kid begin to notice it, using deodorant or an antiperspirant should become part of their daily teen hygiene.

If you're having trouble getting through to your teen about a particular hygiene issue, make the pediatrician an ally.

"Parents can always ask a pediatrician to discuss or reinforce certain hygiene issues before an appointment," says Altmann.

Don't shuffle around the house in pajamas all weekend.

And good luck trying to get your kid to use floss if he's never seen you with it. Altmann says that if it's possible, have mothers talk to daughters about teen hygiene issues and fathers with sons.

Make clear that good hygiene isn't just an arbitrary set of rules that you're forcing on them.

Whether or not he or she wants to shave yet, at least you've provided the information. But brushing and flossing are crucial, especially if they're drinking coffee and sugary, acidic sodas and sports drinks. Bad oral hygiene leads to bad breath -- and that's something that no teen wants, Altmann tells Web MD. If you're talking about good teen hygiene, that also means talking about puberty. If they don't get the info from you, they'll get some distorted version of it from their peers.

Girls may also be interested in hair removal products. Your daughter may also need some reassurance; stray facial hairs that loom large when she's an inch away from the mirror may not be visible to anyone else. Girls need to know about breast development and menstruation. You may find that giving your kids a good book on the subject -- or pointing them to reputable health web sites -- may help the conversation.

Talking about the importance of good teen hygiene also means discussing what's not important.

When you're a teenager, your understanding of how the body works is bound to be riddled with misconceptions and myths.

Some common teen hygiene legends include: So when you're talking about what's important for good teen hygiene, tell your kids to be skeptical of what they hear from their friends. So many don't mind bathing and practicing good hygiene because they don't want people making fun of them at school." But peer pressure isn't always enough to get kids to adopt good teen hygiene, experts say.

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