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We became a movement, albeit in different forms, because the lives of men and boys are being destroyed.

Personally, I think getting hung up on a label, or peddling false narratives, or seeing the route back to the plantation around every turn, is a bit foolish, or at the very least simple-minded.

People who are looking to reform divorce laws and who try to use traditional means to deal with things like parental alienation.

Guess what the last thing they want to be called is? I have several groups right now that bcc their email list communications because they don’t want others on the list to know I am even watching.

Having said that, that I think the source of misunderstanding is mostly the mythology embraced by some men who identify as MGTOW, I also have to say that I don’t see these guys as representative of most men who identify as going their own way.

Not only that, it isn’t that I am claiming perfection on behalf of MRAs.

I figured out a long time ago that cultural change precedes legal change.

And that cultures change when their narrative changes, hence the time-honored tagline at A Voice for Men. When you identify as an activist for certain rights, the modern western mind conjures up images of protests and lobbying politicians.

Yeah, I am talking to you TMOTS and GOM, with great appreciation for all you have done.I’ve known for a long time that they want to use MRAs when convenient and would disown us in a nanosecond if they ever got caught talking to us. And whenever anything they do goes public, they serve as the same gateway for some men to red pill life as does MGTOW and the MRM.They’d sooner be shot than make a public proclamation supporting men’s rights. Even the few MGTOWs I have taken issue with; those so obsessed with hating anything vagina that they can’t see or think straight, serve the same purpose, even if they are the same ones clutching pearls over myths about the MRM. And after all, this movement, which I now prefer to refer to as Red Pill vs MRA or MGTOW, was born of the walking wounded.All I can say about that is that the subtlety of social activism in the way AVFM does it isn’t going to register with people, even red pill people, whose ability to interpret the world is detrimentally literal.That is not to say that the more standard activism is not practiced. There is shared parenting advocates in most states now.

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