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If you are looking for a bad credit debt consolidation loan for people with a poor credit rating or credit history, you are typically looking at paying 47% interest; however, there may be a better way for you.

There are companies and organizations who offer programs that consolidate all your debt payments into one monthly payment and provide substantial interest relief.

When it comes to turning around situations like this involving poor credit and financial challenges, you can’t just apply one “solution” to all people. That’s why it’s so valuable to , go over your situation, and explore all your options.

While there are many ways to help people with a bad credit rating address and resolve their situation, there are couple of innovative options that many Canadians aren’t aware of.

However, the effects of a Consumer Proposal last longer and include a public record that a proposal was filed with your creditors.

If you’re really struggling with your debt and need help fast so you can pay your bills, don’t simply extend the pain by applying for an easy .

In other words, lenders want customers who will stay around and not move their accounts to whoever has the lowest current introductory offer.

This entails getting in touch with the lender to verify that the information is accurate.

If the lender can’t confirm or doesn’t respond, then the information is removed from your credit report.

Before you approach one of these companies, first contact an accredited Canadian non-profit credit counselling organization, find out what all of your viable options are, see if any of the interest relief programs for people with a poor credit history mentioned here make sense for you, decide on your best option, put together a realistic plan with the Credit Counsellor, and then follow it and get your finances back on track.

If a loan to consolidate your debts is a good option, the Counsellor will point you in the right direction. You really have nothing to lose by talking to them – except, hopefully, your bad credit rating and your debt.

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