Dlinkddns not updating

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hey hi Friends and Expertsi have Dlink DSL 2750u Router for MTNl Connection and Hikvision DVR for CCTV Cameras i want to View my Cameras on Iphone Remotely where ever i will be i have DDNS which is of Trial Version for 14 Days from dlink m expecting Help from you experts to Setup up my camera to view on my iphone i can view camera locally.

the camera ip is router ip is i have internet connection which gives me dynamin IP i m expecting Help from you experts to Setup up my camera to view on my iphone Wan (outside lan)plz helpi did that bro thanks for the help but right now i got stuck in to port forwarding my camera port is 8000 http port is 80 what else u require to run camera online ??? v=tg8w Ez JOf9o Thanks English I never knew what RTSP stood for, now I know its kinda helpful.

EDIT2: OK, the latest Dyn DNS Windows client does indeed seem to now support both IPv4 and IPv6 updating.

It seems that host that is used for IP checking is not reachable.

One of the reasons I chose the D-Link DIR655 was for the Dyn hosted IPv6 DDNS client.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy and quick to manually update the PD-Prefix portion of the IPv6 addresses in the IPv6 firewall rules and in the DDNS client (and the DDNS client does update the Dyn DNS service), but it is still a PITA to have to monitor for IPv6 address changes and make the manual corrections.

I currently have a DIR655-B1 with the latest 2.11 firmware, and my question is: Does anyone have one of the newer DIR655 hardware version C boxes who can tell me if the newer router actually automatically updates firewall and DDNS PD-Prefixes when the ISP PD-Prefix changes?

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