Datingmillionaires net it crowd online dating profile

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Hemp necklaced girls and guys cruising by on shiney new Gary Fisher or Rockhopper mountain bikes.

Big columned frat-house mansions with manicured lawns.

A few rat-trap apartment and co-op complexes for the hippies and hipsters and various hipster vegan type kids.

Lots of large, new, pre-fab looking condo complexes.

Just like with any other relationship, romance and love play a significant role in dating millionaires.Grande Mart convenience store where two randy Pakistani brothers have been selling booze to under-age co-eds (and kegs to their boyfriends) for two decades now.This neighborhood--wealthy, idyllic, ridiculous--was the scene of a gruesome murder on Monday.Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but millionaires are just like the rest of us.They have similar feelings, share the same concerns that we have, and they are in every single bit just like regular people.

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