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It’s really nice not feeling like you and your date are separate the whole night.

While you initially will both enter the bar as individuals, you will go to your next stop (if it gets this far) together – as a quasi-couple.

While you still wouldn’t reveal your actual salary, knowing someone’s monthly rent can provide a good enough approximation anyway.

There have been numerous dates where we both wanted to go to a happy hour or a specific bar because of it’s weeknight-specials.

But that’s just how it goes when it comes to dating — you’re going to have a lot of misses before you meet the guy who changes your life. So don’t give the guys who don’t work too much thought.

Texting a guy who’s blowing you off is the fastest way to send the message that you have no game. And even worse — when he gets your text, he’ll know he has you and, if he’s a loser, he might just lead you on a bit and take advantage of you, wasting a colossal amount of your time and making it harder for you to trust. So stick to the other side of the room and fake it til you make it: act like you’re not interested and you soon won’t be. Whenever you’re into someone and realize they’re not into you, it SUCKS.

After we finished that round of drinks we both ended the night and neither one of us contacted each other.

Although the idea of “doing something” is a good one, just save this type of stuff for a second date.

There are many more types of people to choose from.One, however, was the first time I finally was able to sympathize with guys’ complaints about misleading profile photos.Thankfully, guys don’t lie about their looks when it comes to online dating.Talking about favorite cheap eats and ridiculous rent prices is frequent conversation here.Using public transportation instead of driving a car really works well for dating here in the city.

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