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If true, this would suggest that may be a little better at bringing romance ito their customers' lives.

But, like e Harmony, many clients complain their membership renewed when they didn't want it to and many complain of double-billing. “Since then I have been charged 3 times 9.54 through Pay Pal.

Their help desk keeps telling me that I didn’t turn it off properly.“Sure enough, I asked the help desk to turn off the auto-renew for me and send me and email confirmation that they did that and what happens? They only refunded 50 percent after I complained,” the reader wrote.

*By selecting "Log in with Facebook" or "Log in with Google", you agree to our Terms of Use, Electronic Records terms and consent to our Privacy Policy.The reader also suggested that e Harmony didn’t use any of that scientific approach they love to talk about, because there was not even one person who fit the reader’s wants. did find success with e Harmony, and he went on a handful of dates in a pretty short amount of time.“The first subscription didn’t pan out so well,” wrote Frank in his Consumer Affairs posting.“The first month, I had plenty of matches and was able to go out on 2-3 dates out of the whole pile, so far, so good.The only irregularity was that it seemed like I’d often get matches far outside of my strict criteria that I had set.“Fast forward to the last month and I started receiving matches again but went only on 1 date. Not exactly a stellar record, but I’m hoping that the next few months won’t’ be as busy at the office."It’s safe to assume that many e Harmony users who weren’t as satisfied as Frank would be happy to go on four dates in three months. Like e Harmony, it's a challenge to find folks that were completely happy with the site.So to help in this area of finding a mate, a lot of folks have gone the digital route instead of the bar route, and spend their time cruising dating site profiles instead of cruising the local neighborhood singles bar.And among the most popular dating sites are e Harmony and, both with aggressive advertising and huge marketing efforts.

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