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For example, take a waypoint outside a pub then go and google for the pubs address. Another good source is businesses with local branches/stores (banks, supermarkets, etc).Most have a list of stores (with postcodes) on their web site.More information on that can be found on the author's web page.The basic geocoder can get from postcode to lat/lon and back: The postcode geocoder knows not to fall back on N-something if you ask it for NW-something. You can make it better by collecting more postcodes.All code are freely available (and very accurate) on Croatian Post web pages.It has been verified that Croatian postcode database may be imported in OSM.

More information on that can be found on the i Free The Postcode support page.

Smaller numbers in the south, bigger in the north There's a service for mapping between street / city and postal code at French addresses use a postal code ("code postal" in French), written before the commune name on the same line.

These postal codes are not assigned up to the street level, but are assigned for each postal distribution area organized from a local post office.

As postal codes tend to be rearranged sometimes, a script checking for changes in that file might then be quite useful. So, 10nn 11nn 12nn are for Brussels 13nn 14nn are for the Brabant Wallon 15nn 16nn 17nn 18nn 19nn are for Vlaams-Brabant 2nnn are for Antwerpen 30nn 31nn 32nn 33nn 34nn are also for Vlaams-Brabant 35nn 36nn 37nn 38nn 39nn are for Limburg 4nnn are for Liège 5nnn are for Namur 60nn 61nn 62nn 63nn 64nn 65nn are for Hainaut 66nn 67nn 68nn 69nn are for Luxembourg 7nnn is also for Hainaut 8nnn are for West-Vlaanderen 9nnn are for Oost-Vlaanderen Each street os cities bigger than 50,000 habitants have their it own code, big avenues can have more then one, such as one for each side.

To a rough approximation, the first digit 2-7 covers six states (2=NSW, 3=VIC, 4=QLD, 5=SA, 6=WA, 7=TAS) with territories either 0nnn or 2nnn. The Australian postcode database is a zero-cost download from Australia Post, but with copyright and usage restrictions. Some special buildings, such as big offices or any other places that receive lots of mail can have it's own code as well. 192-998 Bornheim The Faroe Islands, which are part of Denmark, used to be part of the danish postcode system, but now have their own 3 digit postcodes, so even when sending letters from Denmark "FO-" has to be prepended the postcode.

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