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People have said that the tragedy was caused by overconfidence, arrogance, she was under ruddered, or even too high of a sulfur content in the steel hull for frigid water, Call it what you want, but she sank because she was going too fast and hit an iceberg at a speed that would result in enough damage to seal her fate.With no insult intended to the memory of Captain Smith or the respect held for him, it was nothing but negligence that allowed Titanic to travel as fast as she was that fateful evening.

He has personally financed a couple of trips down to the wreck site and produced an excellent factual documentary exploring rooms and specific areas of the ship never before seen.She picked up her 2,200 passengers at Vicksburg, MS in August of 1865, On the way home one of her boilers exploded killing 1,547 passengers and crew. A - Due to her fragile condition, the depth, and the immense cost involved, no. A lot of controversy surrounds the possibility of someone dismantling the ship and raising it piece by piece. of Immigration and Naturalization (INS) has a web site and immigrant data base (for a nominal fee) where you can search all immigrants that were processed through Ellis Island from 1872 through 1931.I think I may have had a relative that was a passenger on a White Star Line ship that immigrated to the United States. A - Most public libraries in large cities are a great place to begin your search. There are also several genealogical and immigration websites posted on the Internet.In the reserved sections they have passenger lists dating back to the Mayflower. Can you give me any specific information on a passenger (or crew member) that traveled on Titanic?Q - For that question the webmaster will refer you to Phillip Hind's site, "Encyclopedia Titanica", a very detailed site on passenger and crew information. Titanic carried routine cargo and mail, 3,364 bags of mail and 650 parcels.

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