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after all, who would dare question royalty if she were to become the prince's consort and claim that her sickly friend, Isador, was her relative and the infamous serial killer everyone thinks he is?Branwen has 30 days to successfully woo the prince, and it's up to you to get her there by having her decide what to do each day.Enter and win the Miss Tide contest (between 200 and 300 Charm required, depending on which dress is bought - dresses costing 150 pounds or more do not require as high an amount of Charm) to complete this path.

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Rhett's best ending requires that the heroine not only join the Drama Club, but that she also get the lead role and excel in the school play in May - attend the drama club 10 times (including the audition on the 3rd of December) and raise all stats to 70 to ace every exam at Christmas and be cast as Juliet in the play; attend the club 20 times total and ace your final exams (all stats 130 ) to perform well in May and get his best ending.

Lufika can occasionally be found there on Saturdays, and occasionally appears at school when the heroine's Social is high.

Item: Pashmina (raises smarts while studying)Club: Drama Likes: Rhett To meet Lamb, choose the study option with 50 Smarts or attend the Drama Club until January.

In addition, many of his events require the heroine to visit the gym, regardless of her fitness level.

Birthday: 13th February Job: Bakery Club: Music Likes: Clothes: Punk, Cute, Young Madam Presents: Band Patches Halloween Costume: Paladin Armour, Fairy Dress Dislikes: Clothes: Sporty, Elegant Presents: Cheap Headphones Ending Requirements: Fill Shuppin's relationship bar and: Good End: 70 Social Best End: Complete music subplot, 130 Social, 70 Charm Dual End: Get Marius and Shuppin to : D level by the Easter holidays, 130 Fitness, Social and Charm by 15th May With no preferences in particular, Shuppin is fairly easy to please; humble, caring answers are the order of the day here.

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