Dating of the canonical gospels

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Jesus is taunted and subjected to the crown of thorns and the purple robe.

His opponents beat Him and slapped Him and ultimately crucified him between two thieves, placing a sign on His cross that read, “THIS IS THE KING OF ISRAEL”.

His garments were divided and the executioners gambled for them. At the death of Jesus, the veil of the Temple was torn in two, and the sky became dark.

Jesus was later removed from the cross and taken to Joseph’s tomb.

The Gospel of Peter (150-200AD) The Gospel of Peter was first discovered by the French archaeologist, Urbain Bouriant in 1886.

The text also affirms the Old Testament prophetic predictions related to Jesus and the Biblical notion that only those who hear and believe are saved.

Where (and Why) Does It Differ from the Reliable Accounts?

Much later in history, Church leaders continued to condemn the work as heretical; both Jerome and Pope Gelasius I classified the text in this manner.

In any case, scholars date the Gospel of Peter to the late 2 century and consider any internal claims related to Peter’s authorship to be inauthentic.

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