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Michael Hofmann on Alfred Döblin’s brilliantly styled Berlin; the Jewishness of Muriel Spark; how to raise a child; Cecil Day-Lewis’s sympathetic prose; Ursula K.Finance guys used to be the rich, cocky men that lots of girls wanted to date.So, I'm curious: Is your man stressed out because of the economy? Borderstanians: I happened upon this Web site–Dating A Banker Anonymous–in the course of some economic research at work.I will forgo my own opinions and analysis–I am sure you will reach your own with little difficulty.Actually, some have actually wondered if the site is real or simply a spoof. Here is DABA’s mission statement at the top of the site’s home page.Anecdotally, people who work in banking – especially in M&A – can be difficult to have relationships with. Rumour has it that one partner at Perella Weinberg has been married six times.Yann Samuelides, a partner at Goldman Sachs, reputedly offered a Slovakian escort £500k to leave her pensioner husband and become his wife (which she did).

(Ouch.)Of course, a few of the commenters are a little nuttier.

All around the world, men and women are expressing saccharine statements in heart-shaped cards and eating chocolates with red fondant interiors.

If you’re dating someone who works in banking, however, your experience may be a little different to most.

At ‘Fashion meets Finance’, Roose came across a banker showing off his expensive watch (affectionately referred to by him as “my piece”) to a ‘gaggle of interested women.’ He also came across a private equity associate who referred to his firm’s private jet as “PJ”.

The much-vilified Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones paid £10k (k) to join Berkeley International, an elite global dating agency which claims to be popular with international finance types.

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