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Final outcome: Look to fade Miami, Indy, Washington, Seattle, Cleveland, Rams, and maybe even now Oakland (RB Mc Fadden injury- check his status) until Palmer gets more game time reps. Just stay injury free and Boys’ are now fine at RB spot again. Don’t over-credit the Defensive effort either as for one, Kyle Boller is one of the worst QB’s ever to take the field, and then C. They came off the “bye” and lost any “Mo” they had. It was all the Defense with 6 INT’s and 2 Defensive TD’s. This guy has been a no show since second half of last season. REDSKINS: Team to look to fade, as no team with average QB play and banged up OL a “play on”. Murray…game for Dallas, looks like a “keeper” as he runs hard and runs fast. We have but one goal – to send you on your last, first date.

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We ended up with these questions: The Bible commands Christians to marry “in the Lord,” that is, to marry other Christians (1 Corinthians ; 2 Corinthians ). They lost 2 more yesterday for extended time (RB Hightower who can be replaced, and WR Moss, who can NOT be replaced. But the D is solid overall, 3 more sacks, plenty of pressure. WASHINGTON REDSKINS: turning into the Rams with injuries. Take note as that long on field is going to cost them dearly ahead. Hard to tell if either Defense was really good yesterday though as final score indicates, both sides dropped passes (Sea dropped 6 short passes) all day. 1st round Pick Peterson makes at least 5 giant mistakes per game. As I mentioned twice on my TV show and more than that on Radio shows, TB QB Freeman terrible passing on the run. This Pack Defense will get shredded weekly by any Good QB’d team. Kid is light years away from being even a “good” QB but you gotta root for this kid to succeed. Don’t be fooled by the 3 TD’s, this Jet’s Offense not that good. CLEVE: Not much better as Mc Coy can’t throw deep ball either. Browns OL no push at all on Running plays and RB’s have no extra push either…go right down. Terrible on the run throwing passes and he threw 6 balls 4 yards short of WR on 10 yard passes. This Defense just not being talked about much because Offense always gets 30 points.

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