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They are the person that we are supposed to share our life with, which we are supposed to share our joys with and bare the burden of our heartaches together with. This person will continue to suffer, as will we as long as we continue to feed our addiction.

Coming clean Many of us think of this addiction as our dirty little secret.

As we turn to this fantasy world to make our intimate connections, we lose the ability to connect intimately with our spouses.

We lose the ability to be intimate with our spouses on both emotional and sexual levels.

Morally speaking, if a married person does this in secret, attempting to fulfill themselves while abandoning their spouse, they are clearly engaging in a most selfish form of cheating.

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Restoring our faith; Restoring our families; Restoring our lives.

Placing anything other than God in front of your spouse is a form of adultery. The harm comes not so much in form of what we have been doing, but rather in the form of what we have not been doing.

As addicts we spend ever-greater amounts of time feeding our addiction, taking us away from our spouses, away from our families.

The newest problem comes in the form of video conferencing, which adds visual images making the activity even more addictive. From a legal viewpoint, a moral one and a religious one, it is clearly cheating.

Legally speaking, it is a gray area, but only because the courts havent caught up with the times. Others might define it as abandonment, but virtually all would consider it grounds for divorce.

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