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The Agency, the Community and the States will bear the expenses incurred by each of them in implementing their respective responsibilities under this Agreement.

Such information need not be physically transmitted to the Agency provided that it remains readily available for further examination by the Agency on premises of the Community. If the Community, either upon proposal of a designation or at any other time after a designation has been made, objects to the designation, the Agency shall propose to the Community and the States an alternative designation or designations. If, as a result of the repeated refusal of the Community to accept the designation of Agency inspectors, inspection to be conducted under this Agreement would be impeded, such refusal shall be considered by the Board, upon referral by the Director General of the Agency (hereinafter referred to as „the Director General”), with a view to its taking appropriate action.

In any case, the Agency shall bear the cost of any additional measuring or sampling which Agency inspectors may request.

The Community and the States shall ensure that any protection against third party liability in respect of nuclear damage, including any insurance or other financial security which may be available under their laws or regulations shall apply to the Agency and its officials for the purpose of the implementation of this Agreement, in the same way as that protection applies to nationals of the States.

The Agency and the Community shall make an arrangement so that, only while the nuclear material is in such an activity, the safeguards provided for in this Agreement will not be applied.

The arrangement shall identify, to the extent possible, the period or circumstances during which such safeguards will not be applied.

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