Consolidating library itunes 9

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From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen, choose On the Advanced tab of i Tunes Preferences, you can choose where you store and how you organize your i Tunes media files.On the Advanced tab, look in the box under "i Tunes Media folder location" for the location of your i Tunes Media folder.To regain some room to breathe, I decided to move my collections to an external drive.If the problem is only moving everything inside the i Tunes folder to the external drive, a simple cut and paste would solve it. Nobody wants to re-fill hundreds (or thousands) of song information, re-assign all the ratings, re-paste all lyrics and re-hunt for the cover art.

The question is, what will happen if you open i Tunes on your laptop while the external drive is unplugged?You will get this error message every time you want to play a file that doesn’t exist in the local hard drive.Then an exclamation mark will appear next to the item.The following process was done using the Mac version of i Tunes, but the steps are similar under the Windows version.Another point to remember: Even though the multimedia files are in the external drive, i Tunes stores the information about them in the i Tunes Library file in your local hard drive. With a larger empty space in your laptop’s internal hard drive, you are convinced that moving your multimedia collection out was a good idea.

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