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The other big draw with enthusiastic crowds is soccer which takes place in three clubs across Bogota Sante Fe, Le Equidad and los Millonarios.

In Vitro is a fascinating place where you`ll mix with beautiful people and rumba to live music. Like much of Latin America, Bogota is a cultural melting pot with influences from Latin Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa.Other good clubs for lovers of dance are Quiebracanto for a classic experience of real salsa, a DLirio for a great boogie, and Alma for new wave and electronica. The resulting Mestizo effect is mirrored in the culinary experience of Bogota with the whole gamut of cuisines and cooking styles contained within the city.You`ll find everything from Chinese and Sushi to Italian, Spanish and Middle Eastern.With over 40 theaters there`s likely to be a performance on every night of the week during your stay.Visit the historic Carmarin Theater of Carmen, enjoy first-class opera at the Colon Theater, catch a classic production at the Theater of La Candelaria, or experience an open air show at La Media Torta.

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