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How could he have discharged himself to show that he could stay off the drink? I'm not saying you should give a transplant to someone who is in and out of hospital all the time and keeps damaging themselves, but just for people like Gary, who made a mistake and never got a second chance.' Sarah Matthews, spokesman for the British Liver Trust, said that the criteria for liver transplants are strict.

It was a 'difficult situation', she added, but 'with alcohol still being sold at pocket money prices, coupled with the UK's "any time anywhere any place" mentality, it is not surprising that young people are drinking to excess'.

This is to make sure there are no more cases like that of George Best - the football legend who continued to drink after receiving a donor liver and subsequently died.

Gary's mother Madeline Hanshaw, 44, told how he begged medical staff to give him the vital transplant just the day before he died.'Gary had done everything he could to convince doctors he deserved one.

He received a variety of the most advanced therapies but his last hope was a transplant that would have given him a 75 per cent chance of survival.

However, guidelines state alcoholic liver patients must abstain for six months outside a hospital environment.

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