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It addresses the most basic and critical topics with respect to conformance, including how to convey what is required for an implementation in order to conform and how to allow variation among conforming implementations.The term [ISO-GUIDE] as meaning a document that prescribes requirements to be fulfilled by a product, process or service.It also addresses how a specification might allow variation among conforming implementations.The document presents guidelines or requirements, supplemented with good practices, examples and techniques.

Implementers can implement sooner and have a better chance to conform to the specification.

It requires planning, organization, and foresight about the technology, how it will be implemented and used, and how technical decisions affect conformance.

This document provides a collection of requirements, good practices, examples, and techniques that lead the reader through the decisions necessary to write precise requirements and establish, define, and specify conformance for specifications.

W3C gains by having recommendations produced with higher quality and reduced maintenance.

It is not an easy task to write accurate, clear, complete, unbiased specifications.

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