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Apparently, the intimate moments are real—so if your interests include zombies and sex, get on it.

is slightly controversial in its status as a "regular" film vs.

Fun fact: Noé had chemistry tests done between the actors—which makes sense given the amount of on-screen sex. This 1999 art house film is about a woman whose boyfriend won't have sex with her, causing her to start looking elsewhere. FYI, the movie was given an R rating in the states after significant edits, so you might have trouble finding the original cut.

This 2008 film is about a zombie in Berlin, and features plenty of erotic scenes thanks to the fact that one of the characters is making a documentary about porn.

Fact two: Because sex is a natural human experience, some movie directors opt to include it in their films—unsimulated—for a heightened sense of realism, which means you're looking at real actors having real intercourse.

Here are 15 movies that broke taboos for just that.

Young Couple At Restaurant " data-medium-file=" quality=65&strip=all&w=300" data-large-file=" quality=65&strip=all&w=640" src=" quality=65&strip=all" alt="international dating" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-796693" There are a number of reasons that you might want to search for love outside of the US.This 2015 era film features an insane amount of unsimulated sex, including a threesome and an orgy.The film—by director Gaspar Noé—is about a couple's dysfunctional relationship, and is told partially through flashbacks.When her dad comes upstairs to tell her that dinner is ready, she yells with perfect timing, "I'm coming!" 3.) "Monster's Ball" Luckily, there's very little of Billy Bob in this sex scene.

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