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Take whatever meds they offer you and then some and don't think you will be back at work in a few days.

Just remember it's a means to an end and the pain will pass.

I've 2 at the moment, really painful hopefully this'll put a stop to them too!! I would add take two weeks off work and or arrange childcare if possible. I suffered with severe tonsillitis for years, was on antibiotics once a month.

The recovery time can be that long and you will need care and attention so don't try to manage independently. Also I suffered from huge mouth ulcers which I haven't got since I had my tonsils out.

I am looking forward (in a strange way) to getting them out now, I'm just a bit nervous! Very good tips from buttymum i had them out as an adult .ended up back in hospital with a bleed but these dosent happen to everyone .really mind yourself . Sleep sitting up as lying down position makes it much sorer.

Try not to worry - be prepared for it to be sore for a few days and not to be feeling great but there are definitely worse things!

Conviction in County Court of an indictable offence involving criminal conduct of a kind which raises serious questions about relationships the teacher might have with children in his care – isolated incident – little remorse or insight shown.

No determination (teacher not registered at date of finding).

Anyway good luck with your op, you won't regret it. In fairness it stopped the ongoing illness but the recovery for the op was bad.

As someone else said it took a good two weeks to recover and I had a bad bleed and got very dehydrated from lack of drinking anything (it was too sore) and ended up back in hospital on a drip.

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