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We have cheap drinks, free wireless and you can even call a girl out to come and talk to you before choosing.Many customers even take a member of staff for service, go back to the bar area, sit down for a while, wait to re-coupe and then take another. Or Better still, go to Google and type in what you know we are and watch movies to see what you get.Our logo is very easy to see and fills the frontage of our place. A rough idea of how long you will want our lady for.

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" that is impossible to know, as how many staff you see is not based on time or based on when staff normally work but it is based on how many customers walk in.There are no more to send out or email, so do not send emails asking for other pictures of our ladies. A: Please do not E-mail us asking for discounts, free transport from the airport, booking of your hotels for you, asking questions about general tourism in Thailand and places to go for food, clean toilets, whatever.We do not offer discounts, we do not give advise on other places that are not us, so please do not send us emails asking this, as we will not reply.This means that very few of our ladies want this to happen.Any lady that has no problems with her picture being used for internet reasons already has their pictures on this website.

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