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Topics cover online retailing, and can be commentary or educational.Submissions guidelines are specific, so pay close attention to those details before hitting the submit button.Readership is by paid subscription only, and the online version of the magazine is available to members only.For adults returning to college, the Back to College website pays for articles that speak to older college students.They like topics on helping the find the right program, career management, and what it’s like to re-enter the college scene as a non-traditional age student.This blog is for programmers and design people, and is meant to be a helpful resource for their trade.This website aims to teach visitors about making money online, so article topics range from online marketing and lead generation to affiliate programs.

For writers who have very specific ecommerce experience, e Commerce Insiders offers paid blogging spots.Therefore, by-lines and author pages are a key value point in blog writing.This list of paid blogs has been categorized, but only slightly so.In many cases you get an author bio or an author page, and sometimes you get to put links in it, which go to your own website or social media pages.We’ve included that bio information for every opportunity, since besides pay, we know many writers are also interested in pushing their brand.

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